Control the Internet
Enforce Zero Trust Principles to any application loaded via the browser and ensure all access to sensitive data is finely controlled and monitored well beyond simple authentication.
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Control SaaS 
Application Data
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Set granular policies that keep data where it is supposed to be and effectively prevent data leakage - irrespective of device or location.
Fully control access to corporate applications, databases or specific functions with fine grained role-based access controls + risk based MFA.
Use role-based policies that mask or tokenize certain sensitive datasets. This enables collaboration while decreasing risk of compliance or privacy violations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc).
why Primary
Complete Control 
over the Last Mile
Block Data Exfiltration
Automatically Encrypt
Mask Data
Auto Delete Cache
When you own the
Browser, you Control the Internet
Via the Primary Management Console, Admins can create + modify dynamic policies that enforce access restrictions or data governance controls customized to specific business functions, roles, and contexts.
Data Stays in the Browser
Enterprises can set up rules to prevent or allow specific actions such as downloads, printing, screenshot capture, and more, ensuring data never leaves the corporate perimeter.
Control What Loads
What if you could mask or tokenize certain sensitive datasets that load within the browser? With Primary you have this control --  so you can decrease the risk of sensitive data leakage, compliance violations (FINRA, SEC) or privacy violations (GDPR, HIPAA,etc).
Govern Enhancements
Primary knows that safeguarding user data is a top priority for companies.  With an Enterprise browser administrators can both Prevent Unwanted Extensions, while also Enabling Essential Extensions.
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Browser Evolution
Complete Data 
& Privacy
Safe & Secure Access to the Corporate Cloud
PRIMARY isolates the browser application from malware infected endpoints or unsecured devices...providing remote workers safe + secure access to the corporate cloud on any personal devices.
Set and enforce policies 
around the apps
Utillize PRIMARY to govern how contractors use or access your internal corporate resources. Easily set and enforce policies around the apps and functions they are permitted to access.
Adapt to new web-based threats as they are discovered
Embedded with faster patching mechanisms + autoupdate turned on, PRIMARY was designed for adapting to new web-based threats as they are discovered.