What is Primary?
A Zero Trust Enterprise Browser pre-built from the ground up with all the cybersecurity and encryption tools necessary for companies large and small to safely control access to internal corporate software and databases, without the high friction and costs of current solutions.
76% of all ransomware attacks now arrive by way of the web browser
With the ubiquity of cloud-based SaaS applications and increased reliance on remote access to internal enterprise resources, the browser has become the central point of access to a corporation's proprietary data and IP, and the central point of vulnerability 
for the most common cyberattacks.
why Primary
Security First Design that is built into the heart of the Browser architecture.
You're in control over what happens on corporate Saas Applications and Web assets.
See all browser activity as it happens in real-time. Built-in intelligence focuses your attention on the critical signals.
Zero trust
A Zero Trust Browser
Security First Design
In our security approach, Zero Trust is at the core of our design philosophy. We seamlessly link identity, devices, and applications through security at the browser level:  native browser isolation, automated phishing protection, web filtering, and more.
This comprehensive browser-based security framework enhances your digital workspace's resilience against cyber threats. Our Web Access Gateway extends the reach of Zero Trust to the browser and enables secure connections to private applications and networks, ensuring that your data remains protected at all times.
Data loss prevention
A Browser Designed for Command and Control over Company Assets
Command and Control over 
the Browser Experience
Establish highly detailed policies governing the usage of your applications and data, ensuring that everything remains in its rightful place. By creating intelligent boundaries that encompass all users, devices, applications, networks, locations, and assets, admins achieve Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across all websites, Saas Applications and corporate IP.
This comprehensive approach closes the loop between Software as a Service (SaaS), your users, and your sensitive data, making work more secure without interrupting user productivity.
Forensic Audit Logs - in Real Time
Primary allows you to log every facet of browser behavior, including the ability to review critical actions that may increase cybersecurity threats.  
These insights are presented on customizable dashboards, and you can seamlessly integrate the data with your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or analytics platforms, ensuring complete visibility into browser-related activities for robust security management and analysis.
Always up to Date
Primary has built a state-of-the-art patch management system which ensures the system is in lock-step with Chromium Updates.
Browser Evolution
Immediate Value 
Forensic Audit Logs
Gain access to the complete picture of user activity. Remove the blindspots of the hybrid workforce and feed browser activity into your analytics platform.
Secure Browser Vulnerabilities
Primary protects users from recent cyber attacks like MOVEit by natively integrating anti-malware and detection technology directly into the browser.
Compliance & Privacy
Set role-based policies that mask or tokenize certain sensitive datasets. This enables collaboration while decreasing risk of compliance or privacy violations (GDPR,HIPAA,etc.)
Data Governance
Set granular policies that keep data where it is supposed to be and effectively prevent data leakage - irrespective of device or location.
Protect Any Endpoint
Secure your BYOD workforce with enterprise
security, data governance, policy enforcement, and granular RBAC on any any location.
why Primary
Work Safer, Scale Faster
Remove the risks of new web-based threats, while future-proofing your workforce. With frictionless onboarding/deployment and instant revocation, PRIMARY greatly reduces the costs and simplifies the implementation + management of enterprise security.
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