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why Primary
Paradigm shift
The shift to Cloud has changed the attack surface.
Companies need to adapt.
Data Security
Fully control access to corporate applications, databases or specific functions with fine grained role-based access controls + risk based MFA.
Data Control
Set granular policies that keep data where it is supposed to be and effectively prevent data leakage - irrespective of device or location.
Data Visibility
Gain access to the complete picture of user activity. Remove the blindspots of the digital workforce and feed browser activity into your analytics platform.
Developed from the ground up with cybersecurity, encryption, and data management tools
With the ubiquity of cloud-based SaaS applications and increased reliance on remote access to internal enterprise resources, the browser has become the central point of access to a corporation’s proprietary data and IP, and the central point of vulnerability for the most common cyberattacks.
PRIMARY is an Enterprise Browser pre-built with an extensive toolbox of cybersecurity and encryption features which allows any size business to frictionlessly secure, manage, and scale a location-agnostic workforce.
The Browser is the
#1 Most Used Corporate Application
The Browser is where people
Connect to open 
Connect to corporate intranet
Connect to SaaS Applications
Communicate with clients
Communicate with each other
Access corporate databases
Access Personal Identifiable Information
Distribute confidential information
Conduct proprietary research
The Vulnerability
90% of Enterprise Breaches come by way of the Browser

enterprise browsing
How the Landscape has Changed
SaaS Shift,
Browser as Corporate Data Hub
The move to Saas applications has made the browser the central point of access to a corporation's proprietary data and IP.
Browser Vulnerability,
A Hacker's Gateway
Hackers realize this, and the browser has become the central point of vulnerability for most common cyberattacks.
Cloud Dilemma &
Admin Constraints in Data Control
Cloud ubiquity has also created the "black box” problem: more than ever admins are limited from controlling data access and auditing IP leakage.