Enterprise Browsing
Making the Switch
The web browser is the #1 most used corporate application, and the most vulnerable threat vector for enterprise cyberattacks.
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After Just 1 Week
Because Primary's browser is built off of Chromium, the browser experience is familiar. Websites load just like they always did - but with vastly enhanced security.
Zero Trust with Zero Friction
Enterprise employees spend 75% of their device time on the web browser.
Primary offers 100% web app compatibility and a user experience similar to Chrome and Edge.
In 2023, only 28% of CISOs reported having a complete zero-trust solution in place (Fortinet). PRIMARY is a solution that can be deployed rapidly across an organization to update all SaaS Platforms to a Zero Trust framework.
Rapid Deployment
Primary streamlines web security by offering a unified control plane for C-Suite and security teams. Upon deployment, Admins receive instant security feedback on web browser usage and activity -- while simultaneously implementing policies to control data access within the browser.
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The browser functions as the natural endpoint for decrypting sensitive data and displaying it to a user. When you control the browser, you ensure that data doesn't leak even when it has been decrypted --  so you can protect corporate assets across its entire journey, from server to user.
The browser interacts directly with users and captures all activities within web applications as well as the computer itself. Organizations gain unprecedented insight into user actions, while simultaneously determining device posture and potential threat vectors.
When rolling out Primary, Admins have a single control plane through which to design and deploy SaaS application usage - while also governing data traffic across these applications. The obscured visibility typically inherent in SaaS apps disappears overnight -- and the vulnerability landscape is replaced by a Zero Trust security perimeter.
Adopting Primary is effortless -- with 100% compatibility across devices, environments, and SaaS applications. The Installation process is similar to any other web browser -- and frictionless for new users.
Turnkey for CISO's and CTOs
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The Common Denominator
The browser serves as the universal thread connecting every user, regardless of location or device. By addressing security through the browser, we can effectively reach users wherever they are and embrace the adaptable work models that drive our customers' businesses forward.
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Browser Evolution
Connect Audit Logs to your existing Control Plane
The last thing Admins want is another dashboard to have to monitor. So Primary incorporates seamlessly into existing workflows for DLP, Cybersecurity and Compliance.
Primary Management Console gathers browser instrumentation data, allowing direct viewing or integration with preferred SIEM platforms.
Given the browser's access to sensitive corporate data - browser telemetry information is directed to company servers and data centers; which ensures the highest grade data privacy architecture.
Policy Controls
Administrators can configure detailed policies via existing DLP management solutions -- or they can configure settings via the Primary Control Plane.
Action Logging
Admins can define specific criteria for capturing relevant activity -- and communicate the preferences via API. Alternatively, these settings can be orchestrated through "point & click" inside the Primary Control Plane UI.
Session Record
Recorded Session logs feed directly to corporate data centers -- for archiving or analysis. Admins have full configurability over data transfer to ensure they are getting the insights they need.
integration PRIMARY Into your existing
SIEM Platforms
Google SIEM
Does your Browser integrate as well as other Enterprise applications?
Consumer grade browsers not only lack last mile security (because they weren't built for enterprise), they also don't integrate into corporate control planes. Primary changes that.
IDP Integration
Primary streamlines the process of connecting your existing identity management provider to your company's Browser, offering an optimal solution for effective user and group management.
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SIEM Integration
When you integrate Primary's browser signals into your Security Information and Event Management systems - you simplify the process of monitoring breaches and conducting data analysis retrospectives. With event correlation and parsing -- browser data vastly improves your ability to detect and respond to threats.
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DLP Integration
Ingest policies from existing DLP Systems and use your browser to complement your company’s overall security strategy. From data leakage to the unintentional misuse of data, connections with existing DLP frameworks ensure the browser is an extension of existing protocols.
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Easy to Test
Primary POC is remarkably simple compared to other products. In other companies, a POC would require multiple days for setup. With Primary, it only needs an hour. Primary provides a browser installer that takes about 30 seconds to install. Then a 45-minute training session is given to introduce the management console. The entire POC typically takes about an hour, including answering questions.
Easy to Learn
Built on the Chromium platform, Primary eliminates the need for extensive training. Many of the Zero-Trust security measures built into the browser exist beneath the surface -- promoting a more fluid and unhindered working experience.
The End User Experience
In Just Three Steps
Step 1
User simply installs it — following the hassle-free standard installation process used for other browsers like Chrome or Edge.
Step 2
You can monitor, track, and stay informed about various activities, promoting better decision-making and a deeper understanding of your organization.
Step 3
Protect against cyber threats with tools that no current technologies provide.  Your company is vastly more protected from breaches and  ransomware attacks.