Private Browsing
Over 76% of all ransomware attacks in 2022 came through the web browser.

Primary is the #1 Most Secure Browser in the Market.
Continuous Trust
Phishing Resistant MFA + Continuous Trust
While firewalls, VPNs, and network access controls target threats aimed at internal networks, the Primary Enterprise Browser addresses threats that stem from the browser itself.
In line with Primary’s commitment to strict zero trust principles—every browser instance includes continuous authentication of the user, endpoint, and application identities. Any changes in user behavior, applications behavior, or device posture will modify the trust of that session and trigger enforcement of a policy-based response—i.e. block access, ask for additional factor, etc. Primary uses this Continuous Verification to ensure that remote access to protected services is only conducted through authentic Primary software, on a registered device, by an authorized user on every request from the browser.
How primary has made
A More Secure Browser
Built on Chromium
At its core, Primary was built as a fork of the Chromium Project—the same open-source codebase that is the basis for most modern browsers, such as Google’s Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others. Using Chromium keeps the browser up to date with all known security enhancements + zero-day patches discovered by the chromium community.
Phishing Resistant MFA Built Directly Into the Browser
Primary provides enterprise users with the most robust phishing resistant mutli-factor authentication on the market. Leveraging patent-pending cryptographic proofs, Primary utilizes tamper-proof software + hardware cryptographic attestation to ensure only authentic Primary Browser instances can communicate with a company's approved SaaS Applications.
A Browser That Is Constantly Monitoring Itself in Realtime
Primary implements continuous verification of multi-pronged identity for every connection made through the browser. Any changes in user behavior, applications behavior, or device posture will modify the trust of the session and trigger a policy-based response—ranging from ending the session to temporarily blocking access until additional factors can reassert trusted user authentication.
Fully Compatible
with All Platforms
Primary offers full compatibility for both Windows and macOS, giving it broad usability for enterprises that might use a mix of operating systems. Plus, the team is actively working on expanding its mobile compatibility, promising a versatile browser experience in the future.
3x Faster with Primary
Load Pages 2.6x Faster than Chrome
By optimizing the Browser for business purposes -- including engineering and design work -- Primary has enhanced the performance of the Chromium codebase to ensure optimized work even in low bandwidth settings like airplanes and cellular connections.