Zero Trust &
By incorporating zero trust principles into the browser itself, Primary ensures unparalleled safety for users and their organizational data.
The Enterprise Browser in Context
The Browser is in a unique position to identify and prevent cyber threats
Global Costs Estimated to be Incurred
from Cybercrime by 2025
By 2026, 25% of all Organizations will use an
Enterprise Browser
A Browser That Protects
The User
The enterprise browser employs a contextual understanding of user behavior, allowing it to anticipate and thwart suspicious activities effectively.
For instance, when a user encounters links from untrusted sources, hovers over deceptive links, explores unclassified websites, or inputs sensitive information, the enterprise browser takes proactive measures. It issues warnings to the user, sends real-time alerts to administrators, and can even block data submissions --ensuring that the security of user data remains uncompromised.
A Browser That Protects
The Computer
Primary continuusly conducts an assessment of the device's condition to prohibit unsafe devices from gaining access to sensitive data. It can granularly control how users download data to the computer based on these signals.
A new
Threat Vector
Hybrid working, especially when it involves SaaS accessed primarily through web browsers, has caught the attention of cybercriminals as a prime opportunity. The distributed workforce is under siege from a range of attacks via the browser, including zero-day exploits aimed at browser vulnerabilities, malware infiltration, harmful browser extensions, deceptive emails, and phishing schemes.
Web browsers, originally designed for consumer use, lack the security controls an enterprise demands. Consequently, this vulnerability within the browser environment poses a potential risk to the overall corporate security landscape.
Protects Itself
Built in Security
A Browser that
thwarts Ransomware Attacks
Combat malware and guard against unauthorized access with integrated anti-phishing systems and file analysis.

Preclude account hijacking, counteract man-in-the-middle intrusions, regulate extensions, and neutralize human-error vulnerabilities.

Protect the browser against a new generation of AI powered cyber-threats.
Primary provides enterprise users with the most robust phishing resistant multi-factor authentication on the market. Leveraging patent-pending technologies, Primary utilizes tamper-proof cryptographics proofs to protect corporate resources.